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Mac OS X Snow Leopard supported machines


Gua bertanya2.. apakah laptop gua support 64 bit?


yes it is. The only intel macs that aren’t 64bit are the first ones to come out. Any intel mac with a core 2 duo processor is 64bit. It was just the core duo’s that are 32bit. And they came out in may of 2006. Everything after november 2006 should be good to go. Except for some mac mini’s.

You are with out a doubt good to go if you have a unibody mac.


Voila… congratz.. huhui..
Beli gak ya..?! mahal ci.. 45 rebong.. :S


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Got my 1TB drive.. ^^


okay.. here is the step to make it able as Time Machine hard drive..

1. Open Disk Utility
2. Select the new hard drive
3. Go to the Partition tab
4. Choose the number of volumes (normally one) from the Volume Scheme dropdown
5. Click on the Options… button
6. Choose GUID Partition Table or Apple Partition Map depending on whether your Mac is Intel-based or PowerPC-based.
7. Click Apply.

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