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Forgetting “P”

Finally after this days… I’ve forgotten the one that always came into my mind.. 🙂

Plurk is out of my live. It is just such rediculous for me to always access that thing. My mind can’t be released.. stuck in it.

I hope it would give me more time.. to prepare for my college task.. paper presentation, and lab task.

O yeah.. one more thing makes me sucks.. I hate being foolish. I can’t understand what they are saying. It really sucks.. If just I could understand.. If just I was able to see it clear.. If just I would be choosing the right one. But NO. It was not the time for me to be. Just regretting why I still depend on some one else. You know, it really stupid became depended on something. I have to stand on my own. I’ve done it once… And I’ll do it again. And again.

Just put it into your mine Febi.. You have to be able to speak Korean. Or the world will shrink upon you.

*It has shrinken already*

Hm.. could you smile again?

Could you be really happy?

Could you be honest?

Could you be humble?

Could you be kind?

Could you be shaped?

Could I?

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Plurk.. and again.. Plurk

This plurking things.. sucks me up.. haha…

But.. bloggin will come all again.. don’t worry.. 🙂


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