WSK 3rd Camp .. A New Understanding of Korea (1)

yes.. it has been a few days since I returned from the trip, then I once promised you to give more detailed report on that subject.. well.. now I have the mood to write.. kkk

Blogging comes from the heart, when you need something to give out.. and share.. then, I’ll write..

However, these few days.. my writing has been drained by my personal problem and also a journal writing with my professor.. so, just can’t get out of my mind from those things.. sorry that it was not continuous post.. hehe…

It was a a little cloudy on friday, I asked for permission already from my professor the day before.. I couldn’t sleep, since I knew that if I slept, then I’ll just miss the the time if I wouldn’t lost the spirit to go.. kkk .. it casually happened for me, planning for days to go.. and then, woke up in the morning and find my self of great laziness to get off my blanket.. 😛

I left by call van by 4.30, catching the train onf 5.15 from Cheonan-Asan station. I should have gone with Hasrul, yet he is still in Indonesia, coming home to our country for a vacation. So there, I was sitting alone, nicely grabbing the fresh air in the morning.. 😀

There, my train has come..

I was heading to the Apgeujeong Station exit 6, to the parking of Hyundai building. I prefer the train, although it has longer trip time compared to the bus, yet I feel more comfortable for the larger space and less turbulance, I used to have a car sick when I was a child.. :S

we were welcomed by the pretty committee.. 😀

Given a T-shirt and a wind breaker jacket with the enormous price tag… I couldn’t believe it.. till I came home and look for the real price of in in the internet.. and it was really enormous price.. @_@

It looks like cheap, I meant.. the fabric is very thin… and transparent.. maybe it was strong.. and branded…

ah, never mind.. I feel so grateful receiving the gift.. 😀

And then.. we go….. hoho… to the first destination, the Hyundai Factory..

So, we were gonna have 5 places to visit in two days, the first one is Hyundai Heavy Industry where they build ships.. overseas Oil mine.. and a lot of other heavy machines… but the things I mainly saw were ships parts. We were not allowed to take pictures around the factory.. since it was “company secret” 😀

We were presented with company profile in the hall room…

Lama (Nepal) and Rido (Indonesia) …

And then, we go around the “secret” factory.. kkk.. so, no pictures..
but there were a goliath crane, known as the largest crane ever created.. used to lift the ships from the ground to the sea…
The factory is still new, only 1 year old.. however they managed to build 90 ships already with this new factory.. and for the price, you wouldn’t believe it that only for the painting, it will cost a ship worth of 1.8 Million US dollar.. :O :O .. now, count for the other materials and crafter.. Sure the ship manufacturing is a big pie.. 😀
We had the lunch after that, enjoying some beef soup.. forgot the name, and it was so delicious.. sweet.. 🙂
Me and Angga was a little deserted because we were praying for a moment, and found out they have gone for the bus.. kkk.. we were running chasing them.. 😛
Next to go is  another company of Hyundai group.. a wind turbine factory..
You may common to see wind turbines.. especially in the very windy area, like near the beach, or in the prairies, or in Jaeju Islands..
They are so big.. and could generate millions watts of electricity with only a single machine..
I was portrayed with the miniature of a wind turbine..
One biggest wind turbine the factory can build is able to generate 2.4 million watts of electricity..

Wind turbine is the future of energy  sources besides solar panels… It’s environmental friendly and we can assume that this will never be ceased while the world is still turning and the sun still brightens us.. 😀

They also represented some solar panel technology the factory made.. we are walking towards the environmental friendly energy source..

I wonder if i could really use a little of those solar panel one day.. kkk..

creating a green house.. 😉

We went around the wind turbine.. and as usual.. it was a secret place.. so, no pictures please.. 😛

at least, i had a chance to touch on the huge engine that can produce 1.8 million watts of electricity.. magnificent.

O yeah.. I once worked illegally in a LCD factory at night.. working using my physical strength, so tiring.. it was just I got reminded of those moment the time I entered the factory.. 🙂 sometimes, I really wanted to make a real work.. a real masterpiece just like those engineers made…

We still had time for something else that day..

a very shocking experience..

the moment we wouldn’t ever forget..

a liquor making tutorials… haha…

I’ll put it in my next post… 🙂


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