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Word Tagger


versi pertama cuma bisa bantu orang nerjemahin kata dan nyelesai Teka-teki silang.. 🙂

next version.. kita bakal bisa bikin word cloud or some sort of..

Isi dengan wildcard (% atau *) seperti regular expression yang artinya any number of any letter. Dan gunakan tanda tanya (?) atau underscore (_) untuk merepresentasikan satu karakter huruf.

Contoh : lo* akan menampilkan kata2 “love”, “lock”, “lontong”, etc..

enjoy.. 🙂



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Running Eclipse on Mac with java 1.6

The title of this post is a bit misleading in that you apparently cannot run Eclipse on a MacBook Pro with Java 6 set as the default JDK.  Never mind that it took Apple a year and a half after the release of Java 6 for Apple to support Java 6 on OS X in the first place.  I thought Apple was “developer friendly”?  My experience on a Mac has usually been slightly better than working on a PC, except that the failings of a PC can usually be dismissed as Microsoft’s incompetence.  Apple seems to act more like a highly-opinionated jerk.

After I upgraded to Java 6 (and then had to manually change my JDK symlink even after the upgrade), Eclipse refused to start.  The system log showed:

[0x0-0xa90a9].org.eclipse.eclipse[4265]: _NSJVMLoadLibrary: NSAddLibrary failed for /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Libraries/libjvm.dylib
[0x0-0xa90a9].org.eclipse.eclipse[4265]: JavaVM FATAL: Failed to load the jvm library.

To resolve the issue, I edited /Applications/eclipse/, and uncommented this line:


Problem solved.  Apparently Eclipse uses 32-bit SWT-Cocoa bindings, and Apple just decided that they weren’t going to support 32-bit SWT any more in Java 6, breaking any app that uses them in the process.  So the fix is to just run Eclipse under Java 5 (Java 6 projects still work in this setup).  I’m starting to lose track of the consumer-unfriendly attitudes I’ve experienced from Apple.  Their version of Java 6 is late, incomplete, and lazy.

I will declare this now – Apple is every bit as evil as Microsoft.  If Apple EVER gets the market share that Microsoft once held, Microsoft’s anti-trust violations will seem like trivial misdemeanors compared to what Apple would do with such power.  I need to gather my thoughts on this soon and elaborate on this point.

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There is always a down for something..

look… “ will be back in minute!”


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TOEFL Test.. ahead


besok mau TOEFL test.. mau bobo dulu..

doaken saya teman2.. ^^V

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Test from posterous

Here is a test email posting from posterous

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Pocket Islam


Baru aja nemuin aplikasi keren.. hehe.. dah lama sih kayaknya.. ke mana aja tong.. hohoi.. 😀

Fiturnya lengkap abiz.. dalam satu bundel aplikasi.. dari mulai Quran, Hadits qudsi, tarjamah, tafsir, Quran recital, alat bantu menghapal quran, adzan, jadwal sholat, dan kalender hari2 besar Islam.

Mantaap.. 😀

bisa didownload di sini :

Support Pocket PC dan smartphone ..

Pocket Islam Preview

Pocket Islam Preview

Gak ada alasan lagi buat bermalas-malasan.. 😀

Quran dekat selalu.. 🙂

Next to do is nyari buku2 Islami yang menarik.. ^_^



bloody debug


Remember this my friend..!!!

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php on mac


ewh.. it’s a quite troublesome..

anyway.. here is the solution.

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Hahaha… Go to H*ll with C++

I forgot the semi-colon “;”



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