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Dream on…


Beberapa hari ini, apa yg gua alamin kayak mimpi. Terjadi distorsi dalam pikiran gua, apakah gua dalam mimpi atau dalam kenyataan. Haha.. pernah gak sih ngalamin kayak gitu? ada de javu juga beberapa kali.. ada perasaan kosong.. ada perasaan bingung juga apakah gua bener2 ‘hidup’ atau sekedar berjalan, tertawa, makan, dan tidur.. atau.. cuma sedang dalam mimpi..

hm.. jadi curhat gak jelas lagi.. wakakaka..

Denger lagu dulu ah..

kimochii.. ^^


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Friend wanna be?

What is friend anyway?

Are they gonna be with u forever?

What is friendship anyway?

Can they be hold on?

Stupid narrowed mind of mine can’t really define the definition and limitation of being a friend.

I thought I talk too much.. I have the worst emotion sensor, even I have to ask for each emotion my friends feel. I tend to walk away, not considering the long term effect. Am I so neglect to the environment?

U c? this is how i made thing get worse. I kept asking things.. no initiatives . Just a perfectionist passive.

So be it.

Today, i try to decrease my words spelled out from my mouth, may be I will have more time to think about the surroundings. Keep the question in my mind, and try to make the assumptions and initiatives.

Yuk ah.. 😛

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