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bootcamp support windows 7.. yeey.. *telat bet*


katanya masalah blank screen waktu instalasi sudah diatasi di versi bootcamp yg baru. Dan memang, firmware dari graphic cardnya juga musti di-update.. here is the source :

Boot Camp 3.1: Apple fixes iMac/Win 7 black screen bug; Win 7 Boot Camp now officially supported

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apple released a set of Boot Camp updates aimed at officially supporting Windows 7 and at fixing an incompatibility between new iMacs and Windows 7, specifically the bug that causes the screen to go black when installing Windows 7. The updates include several versions of a general Boot Camp 3.1 update (which addresses several issues), a graphics firmware update for iMacs and Mac Pros, and Windows 7 drivers for iMacs. Apple also provided directions for applying the upgrades to fix the Windows 7 black screen problem. Specifically, these are the updates:

If you’ve installed these updates please let us know whether they fixed Windows 7 problems.


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my mac story.. begins..

just wanna show off.. ow.. how happy i am 🙂

~nothing to say in particular.. just happy

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