Spring was winkling at me..


Time went by so fast…

This is my second year already here.. my final semester I wish.. 😀

My first spring last year, I was living in apartment. Half an hour of walking from my apartment to school, but this spring, I live in the dormitory. This is a picture of cherry tree next to my International Dormitory, blossoming.



Not so full of flower.. but I like the pink color welcoming us at spring.. 🙂 That’s why I can understand how beautiful the cherry blossom is. In korea, they are called “beotkkot” (벚꽃), or you can simply say.. botkot. Actually, the cherry tree has been hated for some time in the era of Korean independence, since Japan has a strong symbolic relation with “Sakura”. All the tree was cut down in that era. But now, we can still have some celebration of cherry blossom in Gyeongbok Palace   again. It was morning when I was taking these pictures. The flower has just blossomed.





Dry Branches

After the cold winter, the trees just woke up from their sleep. They can recover from cold since they reserve all energy inside their body. And finally when the spring, hot air, came.. they open their eyes again.. glowing with beautiful flowers.



Road to my lab



White flowers

I don’t really know what’s the name of those flowers, they look like beotkkot.. but has small tree.. :S I don’t know..



Main Building

This is the picture of main building in my campus. Sunmoon University is famous for its Unification Church teaching. It was founded by Mr Sun Moon *I think it’s his name.. ^^a * . Once, there is a ceremony blessing of 50 thousand bride and groom by Mr Moon himself. But I was in my dorm room chatting… aaarggh.. I missed that historical moment. Imagine.. more than 50.000 people in this not so big field… incredible.

Many students came from outside Korea here just to study of Unification directly from the source.. I think it’s like Mecca and Medina in Islamic religion… They were sent off by their parents.. That’s why this campus is the 6th most foreign students in Asia, around 90%.


Sitting chairs


I used to sit on that bench.. staring blankly to the field.. or looking at some pretty girls.. hihihi..

O yeah.. this area is much more beautiful in Autumn.. the trees still have no leaves at this spring time, but in autumn, the red leaves fell down.. and create a remarkable view… Took your heart..


Here i attached some videos I captured at that time too..


Download now or watch on posterous

DSCF0551.mp4 (1179 KB)




Download now or watch on posterous

DSCF0555.mp4 (15220 KB)

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