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Snow in february


Unexpectedly, the snow fell.. more like raining, it made us wet so i wore my umbrella.. However, it was fun.. ^^

On the weather forecast, the snow will still falling on this Friday and Sunday, I’m eager to see it comes.. kimochii..

Nevertheless, back to my work again, the work I haven’t started yet since 3 hours ago.. LOL..

Tuk Ummiee.. semangat Mi.. papers won’t kill you.. at least for now.. 😀




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Winter Passes By ..


It was cold today… my friend said that it reached -3 degrees Celcius. Very cold indeed, and I was not fully prepared.. 😛

I felt sad and happy at the same moment. Realizing the winter is going to pass me by makes me sad. I guess I’m gonna miss her, when I can play with the snow, so fun really..

In the other hand, spring will come, brings new life and love *doh*. I haven’t felt spring here, I guess it will be the same as there in my country.. I don’t know yet.

Do you like piano? I do like it so.. could give me the chill when I hear the beat coming out of the box. I heard this song.. I guess I’ve heard this before, but forget when was it. The “winter sonata” theme song, “From The Beginning Until Now” gets my tears out.. LOL.. soooo romantic.. here is the piano piece..

That is the best play from others in youtube in my opinion. The other one uses synthesized sound, interesting too.. and touched me more.. *may be because he uses a very high tone*

And here is the original sound track, with song too

The interesting fact is *I found it on wikipedia* that the composition of this music is plagiarized from “愛はかげろう ‐ 雅 夢” read “ai wa kagerou – GAMU” *gamu is like the name of Ultraman.. kkk.. :P* , admitted by the composers them self. I am a kind of hard to believe it, but in some part there are same pattern in the rhythm. However, the “winter sonata” version seems more romantic for me.. hehe. Here is the video, you can judge by your self..

And do you know another fact?
I haven’t watch the movie until end yet, just a view part of the first episode.. LOL.. it was kind of boring at first because they are just talking, no action.. 😀 Anyway, I’ll try to finish it if I had time.





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