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My favorite apps..


Do you know about SSH?

Do you know about apache?

Do you know about java? *hoo*

Here are my favorite apps I used almost everyday :

1. Browser

Firefox is the best ever.. LOL.. of course it is in my very opinion..

As mentioned in the book of firefox (type about:mozilla in the address bar) :

Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth and its numbers grew legion. And they proclaimed the times and sacrificed crops unto the fire, with the cunning of foxes. And they built a new world in their own image as promised by the sacred words, and spoke of the beast with their children. Mammon awoke, and lo! it was naught but a follower.

from The Book of Mozilla, 11:9
(10th Edition)

Um.. interesting right? hehe… even there is a bible look a like there.

And another alternative browser is Internet explorer, it is only because the kookmin bank application and gmarket require IE to runs well. The other browser following is safari, as it is the default browser in mac OS X 😉 , even though I used it very rarely.

2. Chat Application

The main now is Meebo. I got back to it because Meebo now is different with the new available status that is customizable. Previous version is bad, because every time I updated the custom status, then my status was set into busy or away.. -_-‘ But it is better now, although there is no busy status yet.

The secondary is Yahoo messenger and Live messenger. Yahoo is used if the partner we are talking to really insist me to use some features not provided in meebo *actually they can send the file just via email* .  And the Live messenger is online because my professor uses MSN service.. 😀

I once tried Gaim as the client, although not for long time untill I return back to meebo. The best part of meebo is it provides an online chat log. You can see what are the last words written.. so you can catch up right away.

3. ssh client

I used putty, always.. and may will always be.. 😀

4. File transfer client

There is winscp I used to use to connect to SFTP servers. It provide a basic internal editor too, so I don’t have to download the file to local folder just to know what’s with in and edit a little. The other file transfer client is Filezilla. I’ve just used it recently, as I needed to connect well with the standard FTP server. I don’t know precisely why winscp can’t connect to those kinds of servers. I wonder.

5. Editor

My favorite editor is scite. A very basic editor. Has no integrated compiler *that’s why I like it*. It provides a very high portability and flexibility as I can have syntax highliting as basic feature. Just simple editor, all I can say.

I once very addicted to editplus, I used the evaluation version of it. It has a simple integration with the java compiler, so with Ctrl+1 you can compile the files and Ctrl+2 you can run it *it is custom configuration*. But, when I worked on dahlia project, Hasrul offer me this editor. I knew this editor previously, but it was *far* too simple for me at that time, so I didn’t used it. But Hasrul forced me to use that because he used that one too. So I started to get used to it, and finally I like it’s simplicity.. *again.. simple*

I left editplus, I left notepad++, I left notepad *of course LOL*

The other editor as my favorite is eclipse. It is my default IDE for my projects. It provides a very comprehensive environment for building a project. It has something similar features as netbeans, just that some people said eclipse runs faster because it uses AWT package. And I think eclipse can run faster and on lower spec platform.

And the interesting part of eclipse is, the eclipse form a more grounding runtime environment in java. Means that, if I run the program, then the virtual machine will actually running the classes in the binary folder. Different with the netbeans, when I run the program, It makes a jar file, and then from that isolated binary file the program is run. Resulting a different result when there is realtime compilation and class realoding. I sensed it on my early stage of work in my old office. My program ran well on eclipse, but run not precisely on netbeans. So from then, I used eclipse almost all the time, as I didn’t really need a complex GUI interface.

6. Office application

I use microsoft office 2003 in my lab computer.

I use neooffice in my laptop.

No explanation required.. 🙂

7. Multimedia apps

I use k-lite mega codec pack, and media player classic as player in my lab. I don’t know, I just feel comfortable of its simple color and shape, but powerful.

In my laptop, I use VLC as my main player.

8. Google apps

Many of google apps is available. The most ones are Gmail and GoogleReader. Gmail is very good on its simplicity and its clever idea to populate messages into one thread for the same topic. Limited to 100 message for each thread. A very helpful feature. It provide chat apps too, and recently, we can have video call there too.

Reader in google is a nice apps too.. we can subscribe to many blog or website and kept up to date with the changes in the world. I knew this apps from Dewi.

Google maps, yes.. a very well know application for its powerfulness. Even a person can be seen there. What a terrifying apps. 🙂

9. Other apps

Um.. I use Xming as my X client.

I use adobe reader as pdf reader.. 😀 and sometimes preview application in mac.

I use Logmein as my remote desktop application.

I use XAMPP as my development server and FTP server in my lab computer.

I use gedit to edit the file in linux servers.

I love java. 😉



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Watch my watch.. :P


Okay.. finally.. i bought a new watch… a brand new watch.. and in this post I wanna show it off.. lol..

It is casio branded. Made of stainless steel and has metal strap. Researching for about two days.. I finally decided to choose this one.



It has temperature measurer a.k.a thermometer .  And actually.. it’s measurement not quite right 😛 , because it is affected by the body temperature that is attached to the watch. Then, to give a better result, put it off and place it under non windy place, and wait for about half an hour *LOL* and.. tada.. it is great. Actually, I never try this at all.. kkk..

Using this watch, I will be a person that has a good consideration of time *at least seems like that* . And it makes me cooler than ever.. 😉

Okay.. here is the shot of my watch provided by Hadi *my boss* . And it is flipped over.. he put it wrong way.. -_-‘

watch shot

watch shot

beautiful.. LOL..

This watch will help me to reduce the hurts in my fingers, when I try to reach my phone just to know the time.

Thanks to mala for the advice on choosing the right watch for me.. Um.. yes, I’m a thinker.. and often stuck on the way of thinking only.

Okay.. for today is the nice monday, and tomorrow.. a rough tuesday.. hehe..

Good afternoon for myself. ^^




my mac story.. begins..

just wanna show off.. ow.. how happy i am 🙂

~nothing to say in particular.. just happy

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