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Start with a good seed ..



Um.. let say.. there is a cookie on the table.. not occupied, no one seeing it.. it is free to be taken at the moment. Let say.. You take it and put it to your mouth.. what happen next?

Um.. My stomach will be full.. that’s for the short prediction. But what else would happen.. I mean some chain reaction of what we’ve done. May be that cake should not be for us, may be that cake should be given to the person that has not eaten it yet.. assume we’ve got one before, so the person who should have would be really sad . May be the cake had some poison, we ate it and we got killed by it.. *freaky imagination* , may be there is a candid camera there.. we’ve been observed so deep.. kkkk… or.. may be it is just free cake, for anyone who intends to have more.. ^^ *concludes just full stomach* . The question is, which one would you prefer to think of?

Start with a good seed means.. after you eat the cake *of course you’ve been thinking of what you are going to do.. but you did it at last.. hehe.. * your feeling will be based on what your imagination is. If you thought of bad reasoning for the cake you’ve eaten, you will get the bad feeling as the seed for others bad feelings to be attached. In other word, it will be as a magnet for other bad feeling. It is just a simple small piece cake.. what bad things it could do?

First.. the cake should be for some one else, you felt so guilty about it, and then you start to be some sort of hiding your presence among others, causing you to be so lonely and silent for all the rest of event. And then, may be because you are so nervous of being caught.. you did so many mistakes. And as the climax, you hit the big birthday cake, causing the candles fallen off.. got into the curtains, and make some fires. Everyone screams and yelling, running all over try to escape the room, as the fire getting bigger and vanishes the whole house.. *gee another freaky imagination* That is a simple example of what bad feeling you could have cause a bigger bad feeling.. 😛

Or.. you may be think of it as poisoned, you try to throw it all again, but instead of you get the cake out, your head hit the mirror, causing it bleeding. You get taken to the hospital, and the party is over for you at least. *hehe.. just another accident*

Or.. you can think of it just as a free cake, why would anyone put the cake unguarded there if it is not a free cake for all.. :D, Um.. may be if you feel a bit aware of it, you could just ask to the party maker about the cake to make it clear, just try not to hide anything, be honest to you and other. Listen to what he/she says.. and say sorry if it is not for you.. *accompanied by laughing.. lol* After all you’ve ask for forgiveness.. people made mistake, so.. bear with it.. 🙂

That is why we should think of a good seed, put some good point of view of the problem we’ve had, some other good path or fruits will come along. It is just like chain reaction, you never know where it comes from, when, and how.  What you can do is accepting it. Search for solution, not just keep repeating.. “why is it happening..??” , “we should have done it”, “why am i stucked here?” . Stop to waste your energy on those stupid questions. Start to give some happy thought such as.. “because of this we can have new experience, so we’ll just avoid this mistakes next time”, “we can have a relaxing time”, “i guess it is lucky for us not to get that train, it got accident” *hehe.. it is a great luck :P* So.. there has to be some positive things of what we’ve done..

Or.. if you wanna be more simple, think of worse than what we get now.. think of others who got worse than us. Just say we are lucky just as we are, not as what we imagine. We are just totally lucky to have this air get to our nose.. *imagine there is no nose..* we are just lucky not to get fallen on the stair, we can still walk fast as it. Think of worse that could happen.. but just did not happen. Or.. just think of if we’ve done anything else, the result would be not as good as we did the things we’ve done now.. 🙂 So.. think of worse that could happen.. just did not happen.

Hm… some chain reaction like this domino keep falling.. and branching.. and get more pain every time it goes further from the initial state… What we can do.. try to slow it down, give some backward push.. give some possitive sight, give some courage to our self, think of worse that could happen. That should do it.. Not stopping at once, but believe it will stop for sure.

BTW, these some sort called as Qonaah 😉 , as thanking God for all His giving, as we just need to accepted in fully hearted *ikhlas*. But of course still giving our best shot on what we are doing.

May we can keep the Qonaah.. Ameen..

let’s listen to this piece.. ow.. feel wanna go the bath room while listening to this.. 😛



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Forgetting “P”

Finally after this days… I’ve forgotten the one that always came into my mind.. 🙂

Plurk is out of my live. It is just such rediculous for me to always access that thing. My mind can’t be released.. stuck in it.

I hope it would give me more time.. to prepare for my college task.. paper presentation, and lab task.

O yeah.. one more thing makes me sucks.. I hate being foolish. I can’t understand what they are saying. It really sucks.. If just I could understand.. If just I was able to see it clear.. If just I would be choosing the right one. But NO. It was not the time for me to be. Just regretting why I still depend on some one else. You know, it really stupid became depended on something. I have to stand on my own. I’ve done it once… And I’ll do it again. And again.

Just put it into your mine Febi.. You have to be able to speak Korean. Or the world will shrink upon you.

*It has shrinken already*

Hm.. could you smile again?

Could you be really happy?

Could you be honest?

Could you be humble?

Could you be kind?

Could you be shaped?

Could I?

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