Movie Review: Fair Love


It is just now I started to watch love movie again..

um.. still hard to smile on this matter actually.. I could only laugh.. *okay2.. enough complaining.. :P*


This time, I would like to give my point of view on a movie … Fair Love..

Actually.. I don’t really have many favorite Korean Movies.. only a few of them such as “A Man Who Was Superman”, “200 Pounds of Beauty”, and some few others.. usually funny movies, or that have happy ending.. kkk

One of my everlasting favorite drama is “Full House” he he

Fair Love didn’t have interesting movie poster actually, and I thought of it as one of some cliche movies around. However, I was wrong…

The main plot I thought was like.. bordered love by age, then they try to struggle….


The main plot was kind of exploring their feeling.. hehe.. interesting.

So, this girl, Nam-eun.. is a girl who prefers to grow up as fast as she could. She got bored easily by all routines done everyday. Having a not to be proud of father, she ran away from house, although all her needs still provided by her father. One day, her father died, she was informed by her fathers close friends about it, yet she cried more about her cat’s death than her father’s… kkk

One of her father’s friend commit to provide financial support for her school and everyday life, and the other one was asked by her father prior his death to take care of her, Hyeong-man. He feels so irritated, and hates her father so much, since he has been cheated by Nam-eun’s father. Around 80 million won was borrowed from him, yet never get paid. Hyeong-man forced to live in his camera repair shop, out of money. 10 years has passed, and the news he got was the death of his cheating friend.. oh.. how could it get worse..

Hyeong-man was hesitate whether to meet Nam-eun or not. He was still traumatized by the treatment given by her father.. a betrayal.. although Nam-uen’s father has ask for forgiveness to him, it was all late, can not be undone.

Then.. based on kindness, finally he went to Nam-eun’s house. He knocked the door, and found a woman there, not only a little girl he used to see.. 25 years old precisely. They feel a little awkward to each other, after more than 10 years never met..

As the plot running.. the secret admiration by Nam-eun to Hyeong-man got revealed. She says.. “I like man who is dedicated to his work”.. try to flatter him. In the other side, Hyeong-man as a 50 years old unmarried guy, starts to feel some kind of interest to her, yet its still to early to decide it was love after all.

Nam-eun tries to get closer to Hyeong-man by indirect compelling. Hyeong-man keeps pushing away any weird thought, imagine a 50 years old guy with a 25 years old girl.. wew.. it seems to be a big problem later.. hoho.

Finally, they could not cover anymore their attraction to each other..  The girl say she likes him, he said he couldn’t since they are so far away distanced on age. The girl ran to her house… and shut the door…

Hyeong-nam just kept on silence, don’t know what to do about his feeling. He ask some friends about love and borders, can we overcome it.. or not?! They friend, without knowing the detailed case, just say yes..  He then urge to her house.. knock the door, and tell her that there will be a problem if they get along as lovers.. the girls said.. “what a bad proposal”.. yet she smiled.. 🙂

They had some dates.. having some common lovers’ quarrels.. 🙂

I felt this movie can reflected how I felt at that time too, for the first time.. being in love.. 🙂

I get swayed by the plot. Got remembered too of some crazy things I did.. haha..

And then.. comes to the climax, when the girl was asking if she is going to go abroad.. I don’t know.. people’s feelings are so complex..

I thing you should watch it by your self..

And.. they broke up at that *should be* incredible dinner.. 😦

Why oh why..

I gave 3 of 5 stars for the movie.. I think you should watch it when you have free time.. funny and reflects your selves.. *at least mine..*

And the ending is…. it’s a secret.. 😀

Fair Love


  1. #1 by j on February 12, 2015 - 1:04 am

    i dont understand abt the ending…. 😐 is he dream of her or what? enlighten meee please lol

    • #2 by havban on March 19, 2015 - 1:31 pm

      which one? I’m kinda forgetting this movie

  2. #3 by Gav on January 14, 2016 - 12:02 am

    I watched it and I don’t get the ending either :/

  3. #4 by Yathwin on March 27, 2016 - 4:53 pm

    Can someone please tell me the ending? What happens to both of them? Why is she going abroad? The eng sub version YouTube isn’t working. Please tell what is the ending. I couldn’t watch it. Can someone also suggest a website to watch with English subtitles?

    • #5 by havban on December 14, 2017 - 5:50 am

      Basically they find each of their own ways.. maybe.. it wasn’t really that kinda love (to marriage) .. maybe it’s just a feeling that fills in emptiness in their lives.

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