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libur posting dulu..


mohon ijin mundur posting dulu.. :S

dikejar deadline thesis.. T_T


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utang posting


um.. cuman pengen nulis utang postingan aja.. kkk

  1. tentang kantor imigrasi di cheonan
  2. jalan2 di UK
  3. perbedaan orang barat dan orang yang baratnya barat
  4. perjalanan di busan


New home


Besides new home at apartement, I got my domain finally..

I bought it through reseller.. however, actually you can buy it directly through . But I tried to log on to that, didn’t successful.. T_T

I’m hosting by the kindness of my dearest friend, hasrul. He lends me a space and server to put my website. Currently, I’m only containing the to the frame in . On further works, there will be real application installed there, but.. may be later as I said.. *ow..I am busy nowadays..:P*

It is quite easy to embed the website, a very basic code of HTML code. But the client browser is required to be able to render frameset, IE 4 or Netscape 5 above should be sufficient. And it is a good way of facading.. the real address is not directly written in the address bar, you should select to show only the frame *in firefox* so that the real address is seen.

         <frame src=""/>

I just remember, the tag “frame” uses no closing tag, just one tag is enough with the attribute of source (src) it is just like one other tag “img” that requires no closing tag. 😀

About today too, It was very cold.. I was not prepared, wearing only sport jacket, and it freezed my face and palm.. blue as a death body.. LOL . I felt some kind of fever *again* but it is better now. I hope I could finish the vdees project, it makes me dizzy for quite time every day.. T_T

Today is also my second chance of teaching english class.. Ew.. there are different material for each student.. I got dizzy more.. @_@ .. and the little guy.. they fought each other.. and the girl.. their are naugthy.. 😉 kkk.. And the interesting part is, I learnt there are two ways to say “c” and “g” letter. First is soft , c is pronounced using “s” and g is pronounced using “j”, for example “city”, “cent”, “gym”, “giraffe”. The second way is hard, c is pronounced using “k” and “g” pronounced using “g”, for example “car”, “corn”, “girl”, “gold”. Interesting really.. ^^

Past midnight here already.. um.. may be I will continue to work on my report for tomorrow seminar, or may be just go to sleep.. -_- ..

Um.. that’s all for today report..


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