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Tanjoubi omedettou.. ^^

For me and for Ikin.. 😉

Um.. dah 23 y umur gua.. gak terasa.. dah ngelewatin segitu lamanya.

Thank you for my mom and dad for bringing me to this world and for taking care of me for all their life. I will always try to make you both smile.

Um.. beberapa temen ngucapin selamat ultah ke gua.. thnx guys.. 😉 *lom ada yg cewe.. kkk.. *

Dari dulu yg namanya ultah itu just like another day, kecuali pas 17 taun.. secara gua udah bisa nyoblos and kudu bikin KTP hehe..

Gua pernah sekali doang dapet kartu ucapan selamat dari Danang, my good friend in campus. Terus.. dapet hadiah apa ya.. um.. gak ada.. hehe..

Kalo acara ulang taun temen jg sama.. gak pernah kasih hadiah yg gimana gitu.. paling minta ama mama beliin.. *duh anak mama*

So.. here I am.. makin berkurang umur.. makin tambah usia. Masih seperti dulu.. Thinks a lot, and then confused.. 😛

Untuk semua yg telah gua alami seumur hidup gua.. Gua bener2 bersyukur dikasih banyak banget keberuntungan dan kasih sayang dari Allah.. Alhamdulillah..

Susah juga mau nulis ginian doang.. hehe.. anyway..

Gua berharap bisa lebih jujur terhadap diri sendiri dan orang lain.

Gua berharap bisa inget nama2 temen gua lebih baik.. *duh..baru 10 detik knalan dah lupa* dan tentunya lebih bisa mahamin dan memperlakukan mereka dengan baik.

Gua berharap bisa lebih berbakti pada kedua orang tua.





Gua pernah dapet hadiah gantungan dinding dari Farida dan Shinta waktu SMP.. thnx sis.. I haven’t paid it back to you yet..




Drift by the window..


My mind scattered just like the leaves by the window. Drifted..

I got so much worries these few days. The things I’ve done been so reckless. I simulated things so thoroughly, so deeply, even my self got in to it and can’t get lost of it. I simulated the possibilities could happen for what I was going to do. I said this to someone, that some of my simulation got into real world. My unconcious mind captured the X-es factors. But yet, although it was a very small chance of good result, I still did it. No regrets actually, It was about choice.

And the last thing I did was angry with my brother for loosing my SIM card there in my home. I just can’t figure it out how can that thing disappeared. Why didn’t he put it in the safe place, rather than carrying it at the back of his phone. However, everything just happened, it is all has been destined. There is still hope to get a new card, may my brother can do it well.

And so.. here I am, not as sad as yesterday. Somehow I cried for me and someone. I cried just because I can’t say what should be said. I just wanna say..

“Let us be friend.. A good friend if you will”

Just that, be a friend. It is a great lost loosing friend as her. She is too precious for me. I won’t ask for things she can’t give, I ask only my presence. Just like we used to be.

Maybe there is nothing we can talk about. I understand.

I understand by the way she behaves everyday, yes.. she doesn’t want me to go near her and tried to convince me to stop pursuing or hoping. Yes, I will. I will behave as before, as a friend. And I will stop hoping for her. Yes, I will.

So please, behave naturally, and so I will.

Thank you very much, maybe you are still willing to read this blog.


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