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1 TB data… dying…



I screwed up last week..

intended to put my 1 TB external drive into my new server-purposed PC, maybe because of bad SATA power connector, the board got toasted. I didn’t realized it at first, since the PC didn’t react at all when I pressed the power button. Finally, I realized that the disk is broken.. T_T

It is my ultimate backup disk, no other one actually, and contains 3 years worth of data… from my campus.. and projects.. and movies (at most :P)

searching in came up with some used 1TB identical drives, but contacting the sellers works none, they are all sold already.

Next day.. I tried to find some new ones.. but only 500GB version with the same type, Hitachi 7K1000.B is available. I bought it. cost 50.000 won.

a few days later.. it arrived, but i got disappointed. It was indeed written in the package as 7K1000.B , yet the controller board is 7K1000.C type one. 😦

I put it on, and… the drive only ticking, over and over.. I got worried.. hope the data were still there.. unharmed..

I shut it off and remove it again. It didn’t work. T_T

last option.. bought the controller board from ebay.. cost me 25 pounds.. hiks..

Asked help from Hadi, my boss to buy it. The delivery fee was 14 pounds.. rounding the whole cost to around 72.000 won..

another money got wasted.. hahaha

.. still waiting for the board to arrive.. eagerly. And I’ll share how it’s going to be later on.


here are some pictures of me undone the board from the disk box.




Quote of The Day


Developing more of his mental powers with a view to using his head to lessen the manual work he so dislikes, and cultivating interest in the more mature side of the world in which he lives should be two of the aims of all extremely fat people.

he he he… but I’m not that extreme..


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