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Met Ultah Jakarta ku Tercinta


Gak terasa udah 484 tahun sejak Fatahillah merebut daerah sunda kelapa dari penjajah dan memberi nama jayakarta.. *meski akhirnya kena jajah lagi :P*

Pengen banget dateng ke jakarta fair.. pengen buang2 duit.. pengen have fun.. kkk

tapi cuman bisa liat dari video2 n berita doang kayaknya.

Gua kangen sama motor gua.. pengen nunggang lagi keliling2 jakarta.. 🙂

kangen sama … sama siapa ya…?? hahaha

anyway. ini ada 7 menit tentang profil jakarta.. salut sama yang ngambil gambarnya.. bokehnya berasa.. 🙂 kereen…

gua tebak pake canon 7D **


More info on what can we have in jakarta… visit :


O ya.. hari minggu kemaren gua minum (atau makan ya?) cendol di warung Indonesia, Asan.. kangen jg.. hehe..

gua kangen juga sama kue buatan si eucek yang pernah gua ceritain dulu itu.. di sini sempet ampe ngimpi2 beberapa hari yang lalu gua makan kue2 itu.. hahaha

nih hasil potonye.. enjoy.. 😉

sambil ada es strawbery di belakangnya.. hehe..

*panas2 gini mang paling asik minum cendol

more info on cendol :



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Unforgettable.. tea


hhhh… this will be my last time drinking this tea… ewwh..

The display was not coherent with the taste.. it’s so sour, not even sweet.. hmm yet i drank it till the last drop though.. hahaha

I once bought a bottle of korean tea.. I coudn’t imagine the taste.. far from what i expected since Indonesian tea always has sweet taste.. but here really just tea.

Although we should admit sweetless tea is better for our health.. hehe

so..where have I been this whole time.. ? I would say.. no where and everywhere.. kkk

I worked on task and exam in the lab last two weeks..
went to some friend houses to install some computers..
working in ansan only for two days..
stay a night in guro and met wonderful people..and so on..

so much to tell but thw words were just pounding inside my head…hehe so not in the mood to write nor post anything.

hope this post could fill in some hole… 🙂

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Minggu perbaikan gizi


kita makan rendang!!! yeeeeeyyy…

beli sapi halal di cheonan WI Mr. Lee, plus bumbu rendang indofood. Gw gak beli santen karena duit gw abis.. hahahaa.. anyway.. itadakimasu.. jalmogeulkoyeyo…

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Eclair.. I met him.. :)


hoho.. gua nemuin eclair di family mart..

pas ama yg moto,masih dalam android Eclair (2.1-update1)


took some pics.. dan.. yatta.. ^^

and had some brick of chocolate from Austria.. as an omiyage from a friend who went there for a conference.


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[WSK] Korean Mushrooms Occupies the Tables of the Swiss

I like mushrooms, they are good for health.. yet doesn’t taste like vegetables…

I said this because I’m at a very high level of vegetables rejection… hehe

Here.. Korea has some secrets about the mushroom they have… check this out.. source here

The superior species and high production quality of Korean mushroom is proved through its great texture and taste, already having been renown overseas. Today Korean mushrooms have attracted the Swiss people being one of their favorite dishes.




Korean mushrooms spotlighted as high-quality food


Jelomli, a grand department store of Zurich, the largest city in Swiss has Korean mushrooms on their sales list, sold at the lower ground grocery section, along with a variety of other raw mushrooms. Here Korean king oyster mushrooms are sold by 30-40 franc per kilogram, quite expensive which is equivalent to 35,000 ~ 47,000 won in Korean dollars.


Swiss people, on sunny days, often enjoy barbeque parties with their family and friends sharing grilled meat and sausages, and the Korean king oyster mushrooms as the only vegetable to be added on the main grill list. Taken as a high-quality food item, the king oyster mushrooms are enjoyed for its bigger size and thick texture that is much suitable for a grill party compared to button mushrooms.


In Swiss, now it is not that difficult to meet these mushrooms from Korea in Swiss as they are not only supplied to department stores but also to Migros, the largest supermarket franchise in Swiss.


<King oyster mushroom and filet mignon, a menu of Alt Swiss Chalet,

a Swiss restaurant in Itaewon, Korea> (Photo: Naver blog)


In Swiss, mushrooms are widely enjoyed by the people being one of the most popular food often used as an ingredient for sauces or even as main dishes. Regarding the sales of button mushrooms the amount of its consumption are 13,000 tons annually; 8,000 tons of raw mushrooms and 5,000 tons of cooked mushrooms. Here 7,000 tons of raw mushrooms are produced in Swiss and the import! rate of the total market consists of 15 percent. The Swiss people do seem to favor mushrooms a lot!



Cannot imagine a life without mushrooms!

The Swiss people in love with mushrooms


Even the economic crisis did not stop the Swiss fondness for mushrooms. In the second half of 2008 when the economic situation was not favorable, consumers did not cease to spend money on mushrooms. In 2009, rather the total consumption increased adding 300 tons compared to the former year. In fact, the fastidious Swiss customers looking for the best qualities seem to continuously increase the needs for fresh mushrooms.
Button mushroom is the most largely produced and consumed one in Swiss, which is a very traditional kind. However, Asian kinds started to receive attention along with the rising popularity of foreign mushroom species. These days foreign mushrooms that have been introduced during the 1980~1990s including shiitake, king oyster mushroom, grifola frondosa are now receiving some spotlight. Especially shiitake is enjoying popularity being ranked second in the consumer preference.


It may be no surprise that Korean mushrooms with high quality and taste has successfully created its market in Swiss. It had past 3~4 years since Korean king oyster mushrooms joined the dishes of the Swiss dining table.


Now the annual amount of mushroom import!s are over two hundred million Korean won. This was possible by both continuous efforts put to improving species and through quality control.


In 2009 renowned chefs from all over the world have visited Korea to participate in the ‘Amazing Korean Table,’ and Korean mushroom was used by all chefs. A variety of mushrooms were grilled or slightly boiled to be used as ingredients or become the main dish itself.


The taste and flavor of Korea mushrooms seems to prove its real worth no matter where it is. As the Swiss fondness for mushroom continues the future of the Korean mushroom overseas market is expected to be positive; we hope to create a broader international market, in addition to Swiss, for all consumers who want high quality mushrooms.



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DIY: 호떡 (ho-tteok)



kita beli sendiri bahan2 호떡 setelah si arfan tergila2 dengan buatan ajumma di sebrang jalan.. hehe..

besok kita bakal coba praktek.. wait and see ya.. 🙂


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Daily meals



Menu makan kemarin…

Bulgogi dosirak dan Samgyetang

Keen abiz lah…



Happy fruit..


..  my Chinese room mate told me.  It’s an interesting peanut actually with bright green color..  and sweet taste.  I don’t know yet it’s real name.

+++ Update: +++

The fruit name is Pistachio 😀 , thanx for Ilham buat infonya..


불닭 – Bultak – Fire Chicken


Super puedesssss hua hu hua hu… hahaha..

Bahkan orang nepal ga kuatt.. dan gua buang2 aer terus semaleman.. kkkk


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Quote of the day


Bumbu paling enak adalah rasa lapar.

~hadips from a movie *lupa*

Saat paling memiliki adalah saat kehilangan.
Saat paling menyadari setelah melalui..

Haduh.. nulis apa pula di atas.. kkk..
Hari ini.. sedap.. home made 😉

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