Snowboard @ midnight


I never thought of having a snowboard nor ski for this winter vacation. Problem on my financial balance worrying me.. hahaha. Alas, Hadi told me about a 40.000 won (red:Rp. 320.000) price for ski or snowboard rental, quite cheap I think.. and so three of us (Me, Arfan, Badrul) joined the Indian team who found out about the cheap price.

It’s my third times of doing snow sports. First one was skiing, not that very pleasing, since we couldn’t do skiing at all.. even until the time ends.. 😦 The second time.. I tried snowboarding.. since Hadi will teach me how to do it.. and.. it was quite fun.. ^^ tiring though, but I managed to get a hold of sliding down the hill.. hehe

This third chance, I tried snowboarding again.. still having a problem to do it face forward, until now.. I could only do backward sliding.. it’s easier in my opinion…

We slide from 11 pm to 4 pm. Arfan was very good.. he could do the snake move already.. 😀

We went to Vivaldi park in Kangwondo area..

Here are some pics of Vivaldi Park : *source from here*



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