Dewi Sandra is still a Moslem..

quite surprising though.. 😀

Many it seems have been speculating of late that Dewi will revert to Christianity, but on May 6th 2008, on her own website, she made it clear that she was still a Muslimah and had no plans to switch back to the other side.

Yesssss….i am still a muslim

Dewi says she has read all of the holy books of several religions and they all have their good points, and that ordinarily she doesn’t like talking about religion but all the rumours in the media have forced her hand. [1]

and.. I checked on her profile in her blog..

Name: Dewi Sandra Killick
Nick Name: Dewi
Place / Date of Birth: Brazil / 3 April 1980
Height / Weight: 165 cm / 50 kg
Religion: Moslem
Father’s Name: John Killick / Inggris
Mother’s Name: Tini Killick / Betawi

Tada.. kkk

Although.. I don’t know for sure what kind of Islam she believes in.. hopes it’s still on the right track.. 🙂


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