Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless 6200 AGN on Ubuntu 9.10


bergumul lagi.. hufffff…

musti mulai bikin note buat diri sendiri nih.. biar gak lupa.. aaaarggh..

okeh, jadi ada rekan TKI yg minta install Ubuntu di laptop vaio-nya, dan modul LAN-nya menggunakan intel.

Ini adalah langkah2 yang akhirnya bisa… huffff… alhamdulillah. 🙂

Re: Ubuntu wireless connection does not work
OK. I found that your module is part of compat-wireless. So you will have to try to compile compat-wireless on your system. This way you’ll get newest iwlagn module. Here is how:

1. You have to get compat-wireless snapshot
a. – section “Where to download bleeding edge”

b. if you have problem with compiling this, you may try snapshot from my server (5 April 2010) – this one compiles on my Ubuntu, others doesn’t.…ss-2.6.tar.bz2

2. Install package build-essential
3. Unpack driver using command: tar -jxvf compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz2
4. enter newly created directory and type:
./scripts/driver-select iwlwifi
if no errors then type: make
if no errors then type: sudo make install
just to be certain: sudo depmod -a
5. reboot

Remember that if this works you will have to be careful because upgrading your kernel will blow up wifi and you will have to compile driver again beginning from “make clean”.

Ps. I’ve tried to compile on my Ubuntu driver dated 5 April 2010 using your settings (iwlwifi) and it went OK so You should have no problems.


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Thanks Ultiva.. 😀

anyway.. start recording…. aaah..


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