Adji Cynthia: i’m in love with the geek

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Adji Cynthia: i’m in love with the geek

yes, i was, i am, and i hope that i always will. being in love with a geek is an adventurous experience for me. when you try to get a hold of him, it will drive you nuts. but once you have him, they’ll treasure you for sure.

geeks are an unidentifiable creatures. mentally, the species can expand from a zen master to an i-don’t-give-a-damn-about-this-world types. physically, they can be a drop dead gorgeous fitness type or a lazy couch type. who ever they are, they got something in common. they’re geeks. and this is some facts you ought to know about them.

geeks are always be a simple person. they only have 2 statements in their head. one and zero. yes and no. once you input the yes answer, they’ll take it as a simple yes. don’t ever ever ever hope that they’ll get your hint by showing them your gesture or your tone or your facial expression. only simple yes or no. yes means yes and no means no, with or without any hint.

geek: what’s wrong with you honey?
girl: nothing… long pause, glum expression
geek: ooo, i thought you had a problem, no?
girl: no…
geek: okay
girl: %&$%$^%$#$%#@@&^&!!!

the girl wants the geek to insist asking her what’s going on. she’s angry because the geek SHOULD know that there IS something wrong with her without her telling. that’s not gonna happen.

normal guy might take the glum hint. but geeks? no. unless you’re telling them that somehow if you are being labil, you’ll said yes is a no and no is a yes. that might help him a lot. believe me, it works L-Men mode on

geeks sometimes lost in his own world. they even forget to tell you how busy they are. you can’t expect him to always read your facebook or messenger status. if you’re the type of person who always wants a response for your every single stupid facebook status from your geek-lover, you’ll be damned.

geeks brain is similar to computer. they’ll process every single input that they get, but don’t expect to get response if you don’t give one. even a very intelligent computer won’t respond if you didn’t type any command.

girl: i can’t go out tonight, i’m not feeling well
geek: do you want me to accompany you? i can cancel my appointment with my friends
girl: i don’t want you to cancel it
geek: really? are you okay with this? thanks hon.
girl: %&$^#&^&$%$!!!

the girl is angry because the geek is so easy leaving her alone. the girl wants the geek to CHOOSE accompanying her eventhough she’s asking him not to. see the contradiction? she wants him to choose it himself without her saying. this is to prove that he really care. that’s not gonna happen.

this is just some funny incident that happened last week. the funny thing is, it occured two nights in a row with two different person and both of them is having the same problem.

so girls, if you really ARE falling in love with geeks, BE TOUGH. it’s a long and hard and rough path to go through. if you can’t take it, just leave it. you can’t change the way they are. it’s just going to hurt both of you.

so geeks, please please please pretty please. learn our hint, will you?



  1. #1 by senny on August 10, 2010 - 1:33 am

    ahahaa… lelaki seperti ini emang tantangan banget, hard to get. Eh tapi sebenernya cari pasangan itu buat tantangan biar nggak bosen atau buat apa sih?

    • #2 by havban on August 10, 2010 - 5:35 am


      menunggu atau mencari? 😛

      gua sih nyari buat bisa berbagi…^^

      um.. soal sikap cowok.. semua cowo kayak gitu deh basically..

      kecuali beberapa cowok lebay, kayak gua seringnya, yg pengen ngebaca pikiran orang melulu.. 😛 tapi akhirnya malah jadi sotoy dan gak ngenakin.. serba salah

  2. #3 by adji on October 18, 2010 - 11:02 am

    wakakakakak.. gua baru nyadar :”>

    curang ni, mbok ya kalo re-post kasi tanggepan juga dong, hihihihi.. gua berasa sotoy jadinya :))

    • #4 by havban on October 18, 2010 - 1:40 pm



      tapi bener kok.. rata2 cowo mang mikirnya sangat sistematis.. jadinya terkesan terlalu step by step… dan kejam.. huehue..

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