WSK 3rd Camp .. A New Understanding of Korea (4): Performance Night


Pansori (판소리) was performed that night.. opened by performance of two people, one with Saeng Hwang and a man with some kind of drum called Buk ( 북 ). They were playing a very relaxing tones… I think it will be suitable for having a cup of tea or coffee together..

I was just thinking that they played using improvisation, that the Saeng Hwang will lead the tune, and Buk will only follow the rythm… got reminded some folk music too in my country, especially Sundanese music.. they play a very relaxing tone too.. feels like you were in a wood.. lay your body on the grass… so relaxing. And the tune feels like coming from china.

Just try to compare this

and this.. 😀

Click to view large

Another group of players was coming. They have the flute.. shaped as small organ.. wow.. hehe.. never thought that the large organ will fit in that small pipes.. :S but looks interesting.

Click to view large

Next performance was from a kind of mix between modern and traditional instrument, performing the Pansori, with one lead singer. There are two traditional blow instrument, and two others are modern music instruments. I didn’t really know what the singer sang about, but the tune was kind of sad. :S .. yes.. I should learn more on Korean.. *doh*

Click to view large

This is the opening..

I became remembered by “Lenong” play in my home town.. 😀 hehe.. there is a yell like that.. 😀

At the end of the play.. arirang was performed..

This is the lyric from my Korean class.. 😀

Click to view large

The group performed some free style like jazz too, and a special performance of Besame Mucho.. from the lead blow instrument.. I don’t know his name, but it was interesting using the small trumpet just like a saxofon.. hoho…

and Besame Mucho

Click to view large

I think Indonesia has quite much of similarities.. in music. Music is universal can be true in this case.. 🙂 I feel like how we entertain our selves is very much the same. We can enjoy good music without knowing the language it self.. 🙂

That was the night.. we had the performance only for about one and a half hour. It was short, since a pansori could be performed in 16 hours non stop.. wew.. what a great trial that is.. We headed back home that night.. and some of them watch the world cup match. I slept that time.. very sleepy.. kkk..

One more post will be following.. the last day of camp.
Sorry that these was not a continuous posts.. I had some mood up and down, and had so many things to do… ^^


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