WSK 3rd Camp .. A New Understanding of Korea (3): Game Time


It was a regular night.. something different is only that we are gathered in one room, having 반찬( bancha ) some kind of compilation of dishes shared among few people. I was sitting among my Indonesian friends and one Ajerbaizan friend that I just knew that day.


// Angga and Orlav *CMIIW*
We had this wonderful dinner also with the bulgogi soup.. that I still forgot the name.. kkk

Orlav said that he just bought a new camcorder, as you can see in the background, at the very cheap price, since it’s the last item.. only US $ 108,- . I think it’s very cheap, though still using a standard definition video.. *High Definition (HD) has gained popularity among camcorders, just like a new basic requirement – very OOT*

Anyway.. after dinner, we head to the gathering room..

// We are going to have some games… hoho.. 😀

// Preparation…

// Mr. Handsome Joe *CMIIW* 😛

He was showing the trophy we will get, a smiling ball.. with differente color.


So.. this games was censored.. since contains explicit content.. hahaha…

The point is.. we have some game to just say hi and hello to others, and then hug, and then we do the rock, paper, scissor.. and the winner will have a token from the looser.. hoho.. the token will be sticked at the face, like this!!!

// I only got 6.. T_T .. compared to the others.. four of them got 13… hoho.. they sure hugged a lot.. 😀

// Those winners then do a final match of rock, paper, scissor… getting the absolute team winner…

The next game is a match of dance among the team leader.. there in the video, our team leader.. Dwi is at the center, with Raj and Orlav at the sides…

Download now or watch on posterous

DSCF1437.mp4 (10836 KB)

They were having crazy dance.. LOL…

Angga and Dwi Duet.. kkk

At the end of the final game… our team got second position.. while others got first.. was kinda irritating.. we got the last after all.. 😥

And the game was closed by a cut of cake.. celebrating the new WSK batch.. 🙂


next post will be the performance at night..

a lot of video a head.. and there will be so many colors..

sorry not so update on this part.. :S


later.. okay? 😀


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