WSK 3rd Camp .. A New Understanding of Korea (2) : Liquor Making


Disclaimer: Sorry that this post is gonna be a little offensive since we’re going to talk about alcoholic drinks.. 😛

If you had headache and sick on the digestion organs, then the quality of the wine is bad. The good wine is if you had drink  enough, your body can not move, but you know you are drunk.

Is that quote right?? he he he, I don’t know, never tried before.. 😛

We visited the wine museum at Hanok Village, Jeonju. This time, we’ll gonna see and try the making of McCol, the famous rice wine in Korea, with alcoholic rate of around 5%.

Hanok village is a preserved area where Korea culture and traditional building kept preserved. We will see a lot of old styled houses and some of them transformed into a small museum. This one, the wine museum is a small house with some artifact displayed.

Click to view large

Click to view large

Preparing to make MacCeolli…

Click to view large

The above picture is fermented rice.. it has been a few weeks in the jar.. the longer it is, the higher the alcohol concentration will be. The smell is like “Tape Ketan” a traditional fermented Ketan food from Indonesia, that has a low percentage of Alcohol too (less than 1%, CMIIW). The rice it self as you know will be fermented using mold and kept in that jar, made of clay, traditional way it was..

Click to view large

The paper above explains various kinds of alcoholic drink in Korea… the famous one are McCol(Alcohol 5%) and Soju (Alcohol 30%). Drinking couldn’t be separated from Korean Culture at every occasion… If you have a party of graduation for example, or you project has been accepted.. then we will have a whole night drinking rounds.. the rounds will take place in different places.. hoho.. and I usually just move a side and come back home, since I do not drink.. 😀 at least I’ll just get a sip of beverage drink called Chilsung cider. 😀

If you reached the age of 20 here in Korea, then you’ll be able to stand on your on, including drinking as much as you want. 20 is considered as the age of adulthood. They usually celebrate it with drinking *of course* the whole night… hoho…

Another major event I’ve seen is on the spring festival.. celebrating the coming of spring season.. the love season.. *doh*

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And.. we all put our “clean” hands inside the filter bowl… 😛
We squeeze and extracted the water from the rice …
And the output will be as below

Click to view large

slurrpsss.. looks delicious isn’t it? 😛

Looks like a milk at a glance… but it is McCol.

We can add some flavors too, blueberry for example, as presented by the tutor there… and my friends said it was delicious.. kkkk

Video of the making can be viewed here..


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