Quote of The Day


Rome was not built in one day

It applies a lot to all of our lives..

and I need to put that in mind more often.. for my impatience…. 🙂


I got reminded by this quote after hearing the Guide stories about the highway in Korea..


It was a few years after WW II .. maybe around 50s or 60s.. Korea was very poor those days.. But.. the president had a big dream to build highways connecting all areas of Korea.. this will improve the economic growth in the future.

A lot of people against that plan, since there were many starvation in some areas and also a lot of other problems they think are more important than making those stupid highways.. yet, the president still insisted to build them..

Thinking about the money needed, the president flew away to German, west German probably.. since West was one of victorious countries in WW II, so they have better economic condition. The German gave him the needed fund.. however, as a guarantee, Korea had to give some Human resource to German since German was out of men, lost a lot from war..

The president agreed.. and thousands of Korean sent to German, to help working in the Mines and other hard works.. a great sacrifice from the citizens.. for the wealth of their country.. though it may seems like Korean sold their people, but the people their selves had the will to commit to their country. A lot of them didn’t managed to come back after the contract was over.. a great sacrifice…. a truly great sacrifice..

The highways were finished to be built.. and as we have now, Korean has a lots of highways connecting all over the country, made the trip only a few hours by car or bus.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roads_and_expressways_in_South_Korea

That is why .. the highway is called “Bloody Highways”

a very bold  word.. for a highway, not because of so many accident.. but because the highway was built by blood of Korean People.

Many of us may always suspect that South Korea advancement was built based on kindness of west country, yes it might be. However.. the main reason of their current prosperity is because of their people’s sacrifice…. The Now Korea was not built in one day… but by a lot of struggles…

Their spirit…

Their unstoppable eager to move forward..

Their strategy too…

Once they sent some soldier to joint Vietnam war.. and from there.. they got more fund to build their country.. it may look bad or not good that people were killed.. however, their sacrifices couldn’t be taken lightly.. as we now see how Korea has move more advance.. compared to Indonesia that actually have almost the same date of Independence day..

Here, I’m not discrediting Indonesia, we all have advanced a lot too.. a free country.. a nice and peace place too.. but.. in terms of technology and facilities.. I have to admit, we are far behind Korea.

Their spirit.. we have to take the lesson..

Dynamic Korea.. 🙂


And.. do you know that Bus-Only Lane in Korea was inspired by Indonesia’s highway.. once, the major was visiting Indonesia and surprised by the Bus-Only Lane in highway in Indonesia.. kkk.. I kind of proud a little by it… 😀



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