A Very Quick Post : WSK 3rd Camp


It has been 2 days since I went to the camp.. yet, no report has been posted.. kkk

I was too busy this two days.. having a side job as some sort of computer doctor.. 😛 so, when there is any problem with computer, I would jump and rescue it… though only limited to software problem.. not more. I will post it another time… 😉

So, this time, I want to show off about the award I received.. hehe…

I won the Fan Painting Contest in then camp.. with my hanbok design.

// tadaa…. kkk

that’s the fan I made.. ^^

the painting itself was not using any paint actually, only papers cut glued to the fan.

These are the materials..

// We just went back to our elementary school era.. 😛


it was fun anyway.. and my design was inspired by this paper letter.

// Hanbok is very beautiful.. like kimono… 🙂

Oh yeah.. Hanbok means : Han=Korea, Bok=Clothes
very simple.. 😀

These few days.. I have a deep intention to post a lot of reports about the trip.

The pictures have been uploaded to picasa, but I need the mood to write about it too.. 😀

next time, I will… ^^

Got to go.. finishing my administration stuffs in campus and have a meeting with the professor. Wish me luck..


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