Crazy Vuvuzela.. *tsk*


Baru sekali ini gua ngeliat pertandingan world cup 2010.. langsung jadi bete n pusing sendiri… bwahaha…


Attempts to avoid the sound

A number of guides emerged in Internet aiming to silence the sound of the vuvuzelas in World Cup matches. It requires a PC to the intermediate the source of transmission to TV speakers, lowering the frequencies 235Hz, 466Hz, 932Hz and 1862Hz. On Microsoft Windows, VSThost with ReaQ and Electri-Q do the process. On Mac OS X the Soundflower with works as well. On Linux, QJackctl and its plugins are available in main distro repositories. [67]



  1. #2 by havban on June 24, 2010 - 5:58 pm

    makin dudul deh..

    geblek banget.. d mana unsur tradisi afselnya??? @_@

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