‘Cheer Girl against Greece’ identified as actress Song Si-yeon

*postingan agak2 ecchi.. kkk*

For those who are seeking the number of the ‘Cheer Girl against Greece,’ there is some bad news: the attractive Internet ‘celebrity’ has been identified as actress Song Si-yeon.

The 26-year old movie star garnered online attention as photos of her cheering at the stadium circulated on Internet forums already seized the World Cup fever.

Dubbed the ‘Cheer Girl against Greece,’ this Western-style actress raised hopes that another star would emerge from the World Cup, following the likes of Han Jang-hee in 2006 World Cup and Mina in 2002 So how did this woman unknowingly make it onto the Internet? Apparently, an enamored fellow spectator uploaded a picture of her singing the national anthem onto the Internet, which rapidly gained explosive popularity and, of course, earned her the esteemed title of “Cheer Girl against Greece.”

But this Internet star has recently been exposed as not ordinary citizen but actress Song Si-yeon, who was chosen by the online game enterprise Free Style as their “Neva Lose Girl,’’ the cheerleader for the Korean team. Ms. Song debuted in 2000 as a magazine model, and possesses a slender 5” 7 physique and fresh-faced charm.

Back in the Cup, the national team celebrated their first win with a score of 2-0 against Greece.

화이팅… ^^V

Source: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/art/2010/06/135_67638.html


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