Independence Hall Trip – 1

Independence Hall, Cheonan

Located around 90Km south from Seoul, you can ride less than an hour buss from Seoul to Cheonan, and then continue with city bus number 400 for another 40 minutes.

I was a little bit hesitate riding the bus.. worrying of getting lost.. 😛
Actually lost is okay, however, since I only had 3 hours left before 6 p.m., I wanted to get there as soon as possible, exploring the whole building..

I took the right bus.. luckily, after confirming to hasrul too.  😀 ..arriving there around 3.30 p.m.

It was a bright day.. not too crowded… only a few couples and families hanging out on the grass there.
They were having some meal or just taking some rest.

One thing caught my attention, it was a family ride bike.. having two seat for cycling, two baby seats at front, and two extra back seat, the four wheeled bike (maybe it couldn’t be called as bike anymore..)

Some motorized three wheeler for kids were available too.. I was thinking this is the kind of attraction available, as in other recreational sites.. 
The place was wide open.. simple and looks nice as a place to have a picnic. Maybe i’ll go there next time with my family..  😀

I thought the place will be very large… (it sure looks so big in the map) :S

Optional tour map

However.. in reality.. not that big.. *I think..*

In those 2.5 hours..  I managed to get to 7 halls.. 1 to 6 plus 8. The 7th hall was in reparation..

I directly walked toward the gate.. No ticket required.. hoo.. nice.. 😀

And then.. passing some sort of tower..  shaped like an accessory in war hat as i’ve seen before…. another long ride after that, passing a pond with big fishes.

I took right to see some statues and figures there.. There is a diorama about An Jung Hun, a Korean warrior.. he shot a japanese commander that planned for Korea occupation a few year before.

Some small figures and scenery were displayed.. introduction how hard the Independence of Korea was brought .. it was paid with scarification..
I think, it was applied to as in our country.. one of the war.. a one day war.. sacrificing 10.000 people died.. they managed to kill the commander.. yet, it was not a small number of casualty.

Before we enter the series of halls.. we pass through a giant building.. like parthenon maybe.. 😀
There were a statue and some photos.. a very small pieces of this museum.. there will be a lot of surprise coming up.. 🙂

Once I passed through the building, I know the first hall I should come is the 4D cinema.. so I went there.. it is placed in Hall 8. O yeah.. I forgot to remind you to take a brochure containing the museum map and information. There was an english version too available.

Actually.. I’m not feeling well today.. catch a little cold.. kkk

maybe next time I’ll continue for the next part.. ^^ .. sorry



  1. #1 by agungfirmansyah on June 13, 2010 - 9:56 pm

    Kalo minjem spedanya, bayar ga? Btw, itu modelnya kayak alun2 ya?

    • #2 by havban on June 15, 2010 - 12:25 am

      bayar kalo gak salah.. tapi kurang tau tepatnya berapa..

      iya.. alun2..

      untuk isi dari museumnya.. bentar dulu.. lagi semedi nih.. kkk

      bakal seru kok isinya.. 😀

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