National Museum of Korea – Part 2


In this second part of the post (you can see first post here) , we discovers old stories in Korea people especially in Buddha belief.

There is a room, specialized for a man. This room is used by a man to do the work, learn, and accepting guess. It was simply designed, with one table, a small cupboard, a rack with some book in it, and without any wall decoration. The design was strongly affected by Confucius teaching of humility, although at that time, the Buddha religion has been widely applied and the person who has the house strong possibility is a Buddhis.

Traditional Korean House

House Explained.. (click to enlarge)

Sorry, if you can’t see it clearly.. 😀 because of me covering the house..
The incredible thing in that house is, Ondol, it is originally created by Korean. It is a house warmer with floor pipe pumped with hot water circulating from the heater to all around the house. It makes the house warm all the time, and and could be more efficient that using the conventional heater machine with gasoline for example. Nowadays, almost in every apartment, there will be heat control that will turn on Gas fueled machine to heat up the water and pump through the room’s floor. It works perfectly great… ^^

Compass Rose Gods

Almost the same as Chinese culture probably, there are 8 Gods who protect the 33  heavens. 4 of them are guarding based on the Compass direction, W E N S.  They has scary faces and put on the door to guard the house from bad lucks and evils. The number of heavens is the same as from my Srilangka friend’s story.. same in India too.

King of Hell

The above picture is a portrait of King of Hell. There are 10 kings of hell.. their duty is performing trial on every soul. If they failed in the trial, they will be thrown to hell. The higher the hell’s level, the longer it will have to stay there.. actually I forgot precisely for how long, but for example, at first trial if the soul failed, he/she will go to hell for 10 days, after that for the second trial in the next hell, if failed, 3 months, and the next is 1 year, and so on..

And the souls need to pass 10 hells to get to heaven.. I think it’s very hard to be dead.. :)) .. better be a live..


The above painting, shows what hell looks like.. There are seven Buddhas watching people suffering in hell. When people eat anything in hell, the food will blow up in their mouth.. then, they couldn’t enjoy anything in their tongue. On 7th of July (7/7) , Korean people go to the temple praying for their parents. There they give food and anything for their parents in hell so they can enjoy delicious food. The people in hell can enjoy delicious food since the Buddhas will give them some sort of sweet liquid that will cool down the mouth.. and make them able to swallow foods.. ^^

When I asked to my Srilangka friend, he said this story only exists in Korea, not from the origin of Buddha, I would just say, the story is some kind of adaptation that still exist till now.

The King's record (click for larger view)

This is one of my favorite.. the king’s record.. or probably the kings diary? It contains every activity conducted by the king. I meant EVERYTHING.. even sneezing is included.. haha…

When the king held a meeting.. every action, a cough or sneeze will be recorded in the book.. written in chinese character, since the hangeul hasn’t been discovered. One time, when the king was riding a horse, he fell off.. then he look around for the writer of his diary.. he said “Please do not put it in my record” , instead of not writing it, the guy wrote.. “The King fell off a horse. The king told me not to put in his record.” :)) .. funny guy

Golden Crown and Belt

Specially confined in one big round room, golden crown (shaped like a deer horn) and a belt were put in a glass box. They were made so detailed and complex, makes them impossible used as daily ornament. It probably only used in special ceremony held by their spiritual leader. The Belt has many symbols. It has fish, dagger, tiger claws, and many other symbols of things that were popular at that time. For example, dried fish were usually put in the trader’s belt hanging while they go for a journey. My friend said.. if the crown and belt were daily used, it may just hurt the person wearing it.. because it has very sharp edges on the symbols and everything.. haha… Finally.. it is just a beautiful thing to see, rather to wear it.

At the final journey.. we were presented with the timeline of human history… even it contains the milestone of first year of Islam (my religion). I like to see colorful graphs.. >.< .. I had one of dinosaur life time-line, where I could see the existence of certain species in an era.. 🙂

Human Timeline (click for larger view)

Islamic year milestone

This visit wouldn’t be perfect without the kindest of the World Student in Korea organization, where we can gather and promote Korea to the whole world.. ^^V

See you in my next post..


  1. #1 by viku41 on May 9, 2010 - 7:06 pm

    keren tu museumnya, mahal gak??

    • #2 by havban on May 9, 2010 - 7:13 pm

      ho oh.. keren.. koleksiny banyak.

      Gua rasa gak sesuram museum di indo.. 😛 *meski gua cuman beberapa kali visit museum, dan waktu itu masih kecil*

      waktu itu gratis, jadi gua gak tau berapa biayanya. Paling mahal juga tiga ribu won.

      Yang keren itu, patung buddha yg raksasa… serem mal..

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