We Love Allah


Start anything you do with the name of God
Our sustenance comes from God alone
Forget all the worries that encumber you
trust in god and no one will hurt you
When you need help turn only to god

Always rely on god, the Merciful
only God can turn a desert into benign torrent
Even if your heart is burning with grief
Only God can grant you relief

You may suffer  life’s misfortune.
but with a heart filled with faith
a dream of the prophet will grant you peace
And if you are patient
you earn God’s pleasure
and He will wash away your sadness

Caught in the darkness of grief
turn to god and repent your self
If God wills you to visit His House
And you attain the honor of praying
next to the prophet Muhammad’s grave
Whom would you praise and give thanks to,
for all blessings, but God?


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