loving means accepting..
loving means hearing
loving means laughing..
loving is fun
loving makes us one
loving brings out the sun


if you ask.. do you love her?
i’ll answer.. i don’t wanna break her heart.. and i really want to be by her side

if i ask.. why do you love him?
she said.. i don’t know, i just feel it

for all the happy times we’ve been together.. i gratitude my greatest thanks..
i don’t wanna regret it.. even for the hope that we should have met earlier.. 🙂

i was ready.. and met you at prepared moments..
and here i am.. thanking the God of having you in my heart.. and.. just probably.. me in your heart

we might never met.. but.. what really makes people’s hearts as one..?
not by meeting.. but by sharing the same feeling…

one big question is.. will we still be like this when we are close physically?
i hope not.. i hope we can have more than this.
yes.. i will accept you dear..
and please say yes to me either.. 🙂

Din.. be with me.. always.. ^^



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