Ruined my night..


I got this excitement.. this hilarious feeling.. this happy thought, this wonder, this awareness, just for about three days.

I read the “Laskar Pelangi” book. Inspiring so much, although in some part.. yes.. a bit exagerated 😀

My imagination, and my memory of my childhood came back to me. Saying hello, and node politely. Those memories were felt so happy. Started to think about my parents, my family, my cousins and niece. Started to positioning myself as them. Started to think about alternatives of thinking again. Felt so happy in me. Felt free as a bird.

I felt I wanna sing melayu songs.. “pak ketipak ketipung” haha…

I finished the book on three days, neglecting my lab project and some college tasks.. 😛 But.. it was worth it I guess, when I felt so many thinks I wanna share with the world, for small things I have. I wanna be something, as I was driven by my dream. The book told true things about dream. From the dream we are forming into. From the dream we can start on something. From the dream we step for the first time. From the dream we see things. As my friend says :

When we have dream, all of our senses become more sensitive, finding opportunity that may come up from unexpected source. And the energy in the body will be given fully to achieve that dream. No matter what dream is.

I agree, no matter the dream is, good or bad, big or small. The reality we have are built based on the dream, even when we don’t realize we are dreaming. 😉

This blog is a kind of sharing too.. from my shallow knowledge of the world, the world of my own.

I was moved by every character given by Andrea Hirata in the book, as they want to be their self, be honest to their self. I was motivated by the polarised character in the book, Lintang and Mahar. As they have so great potential of becoming leader, with their very own style. 🙂

Okay.. my writing this far is about good things.. so.. what is ruining this beautiful saturday night? :

A lonely night without a girl? That happens every week.. no problem at all.. 😛

A digestic problem? It happens so often, so.. I got used to it.. LOL

A tired body? I don’t really care about my body, just eat when I was hungry, and sleep when I’m sleepy. 🙂

A happiness of others? LOL.. ok.. I envy some.. and then so what? hehe.. I will be happy for them too

A stupidity on saying things? That’s a talent, what can I do bout it? :S

A stupidity on can not saying I love her? I feel so bad because I was ignored and distanced by her. I miss her so much. Do you know what I want to do with her? Hug her and give warmth for all night long. Feel so great with her.


Ok.. ok.. it gets more and more out of topic.. LOL.. about her is just another topic next time 😉 , but tonight, what ruined my night is the “Film Laskar Pelangi” . The movie is like torturing the original book, raping it without mercy. The flow is so unclear and break the real pattern. The characters of laskar pelangi in the movie lost their spirits. The movie just focuses on Bu Muslimah as teacher and the school as the education institution. The movie is like forcing the audience to understand about the importance of education. Forcing the audience about importance of dream. Forcing the audience to listen to boring wisdoms of “Pak Kepala Sekolah”. What a boring movie.. 😦

You can watch here :

I’m sorry to say that.. It just really doesn’t fit into my imagination, maybe because I’m perfectionist. Sorry.

And for now, I want to have a fresh noodle with odeng and tok.. 😀


but not for me.. after having meal, training for design with gimp comes next. 🙂


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