The proof..


“I did it!”, I said.

“Where is the proof?”, they replied.

“Um… 8-|”, …

I just watched {Proof} movie. It is an old movie actually on 2005, but It got my interrest when I read a shor review in Pandji blog.

It tells about the daughter of a genius math professor. She found a new theory in math, related to prime numbers. I didn’t know exactly what is the new theory. Her father went nuts in the last 5 years of his life. Her father stopped to give lecture, and live with her. But at those times, her father encouraged her to do some research in prime number. Resulting her founding the new theory. But at the time she wants to show it to her father, he wanted to show his results too. However, the results contains a simple poetry, not a math calculations. She cried when she read it loud to her father who requested it. And so, she put her work in a shelf and locked it. Until the moment came.

Her new boyfriend showed her up the book and said it was a great discovery. He thought it was her father’s work, but she said it was her. Her sister didn’t believe it, and started to say she is halucinating. She kept on persistence telling that the book has her writing, but yet they didn’t believe it. Ah.. i felt anger too.. It was hard to make others believe in you, except they see you from you heart. 😐

Finally, after her boyfriend go all across his professors and friends, they confirmed the validity of the theory, and said that the knowledge is still very new, so her father should have not known those newer kinds of mathematics *because he went nuts before it*.

Um.. no real climax actually, so many flash back over her last moments with her father, when she discovered the new theory. Quite entertaining.. I guess you should watch it.. ^^

Ok..back to my own project now.. the project that hard for me to understand over all. I stucked understanding how the components interact.. what should I report tomorrow..??? T_T





  1. #1 by nilam on February 6, 2009 - 1:48 am

    owww i hate math!.. i wont watch it…
    otak lu kekiri-kirian ya? :p

  2. #2 by havban on February 6, 2009 - 2:26 pm

    haha.. lumayan seru juga kok.. Soal percaya ama orang..

    Gua termasuk orang yg gampang percayaan.. dan berharap mudah juga tuk dipercaya.. 😛

    Keknya sedih banget kalo orang nganggep kita boong gitu.. 😀

    btw.. iya.. keknya otak gua lebih dominan kiri.

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