Have you ever questioned the reason of you existence?

Have you ever questioned how you get your existence?

Have you ever ask your self “Do i exist in this world?” ?

For this few days.. I never been exist in this world, at least in someone’s world. It maybe my own mistakes on saying things or something I did. I’m sorry , I didn’t mean it to.

I noticed it from the very moment of the first day after the words said. Tried to show so much sign, to obvious I guess to show the ignorance. I felt so much worried about it. Worried of her change may affect on other things non related to me. Worried of her to hurt her self. Worried of her running to other things.

Hope she knows the best for her, hope she knows that what I’ve done is because I can’t lie to myself nor her. Caring her shouldn’t be a problem, and it was not a problem she said. At least at very last conversation. I’m really sorry again for all things happened may not as you hoped for. The prince riding a white horse didn’t say those words to you, only me the one with rusty clothes.

Can it all be the same as before? Before the words spoken.

Please do not change, I love you but doesn’t mean you have to love me back. There is no such of obligation to be loved.

Just please keep your smile, facing the life.

*Not “For you I die” but “For you I live”*



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