Okinawan bus driver


It was still rather dark although the clock shows eight o’clock in the morning. I was in the bus near the window, still sleepy. I captured a great moment of truth. A simple thing, but really explains a lot. There was a man there, near the bus. Greeted people of morning, and gave explanation about the bus he is assigned to be driven. He said like.. *I didn’t know what he said, because it was japanese language.. :P* “Good morning, this is the bus for APIS .. bla.. bla..” . He said it continuously, he said it  politely with a smile. He said it with a bit lean posture.


Bus #3 driver

Bus #3 driver


Bus #3 driver - zoomed

Bus #3 driver - zoomed


A very interesting view in the morning. He said the greetings to all of people passing by. A great dedication. *sorry if the pic is dark*

It inspired me that doing something doesn’t really need any reaction. If it is a good thing, than do it. Hoping some good replies before doing something brings only disappointment at wrong replies and a fake enjoyment on good responds.

I usually think of something or giving things based on what I will get. I reject do things that is inefficient, but actually if it is good and gives me more experiences why don’t I do it?! I gave something to someone who never says thanks. Eventually for the last thing I gave, he/she said thanks. I never hope him/her to say so, but he/she did.

So does on writing blog. To my friend H.. just write your words, at least it will be your memory in the future. You would smile or even laugh when reading the old posts..*believe me, I did :D*

Giving is not about taking. Giving sure gives you the warm feeling. Giving will gives you something from another source, have faith on it.



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  1. #1 by viku41 on January 19, 2009 - 5:58 am

    katanya orang okinawa item…
    mana potonya???
    ga jelas tu

  2. #2 by havban on January 19, 2009 - 8:46 am

    o.. iya2 bu.. nanti menyusul.. di postingan selanjutnya.. 😀

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