last two movies

These are last two movies i watched :

1. Sad Movie

2. A man who was superman

And you know guys.. those two movies ended with sadness.

The main characters died.. * hurts*

And you know.. I started to become phragmatic. The things I’ve been once ago. I don’t know whether it is good or not. We will see.

Um… one more thing.. is it wrong to say to some one that you like her?

It seems wrong to me now, or at least from my side of view. And I’m far distant from her. No thing I can do about it. I just said I like her, and imagine her be mine.. just that.. *just that you say?!! gee*

But may be it hurts her some how.. and make her thinks about us all over again. The world seems phragmatic again as I said before. The world is getting far away from me.

From now on.. I’m leaving another world *again after plurk*. No matter will happen. I’m leaving the messenger world .. and will only reply things i really need to. 🙂

~I’ve been messing around these all times~

~gomen nasai m*a san~



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